Teenage Mutant Ninja Crocheting Project

I stumbled across this awhile ago when I was looking for something to make for my new nephew.  When my sister was visiting for Christmas, I quickly threw together a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat for my nephew.  He was recently baptized, so I thought I would make him this

This was actually quite a simple project to make.  There aren’t any difficult stitches or anything. The hardest part is keeping track of what row you’re on.

Send me pictures of yours! Here are some pictures of mine!

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A Variation of an Infinity Scarf

This pattern is based off a pattern I found for some fingerless gloves I made once.  It was a crocheted cable knit that I really liked.  So I combined two patterns I found.  One was for an infinity scarf, and one was for the cable knit.  I found it to be really easy and it only took me a couple hours to finish.  This is great for wearing in a cold office or classroom during the winter.

Here is the pattern for Faux Cable Knit Crocheted Loop Scarf.


Feel free to submit pictures of your scarf!