4-H is a community group of youth and adults working together to achieve common goals through projects, experience, community service, and learning.  The county is made up of about thirty five different clubs.  Each club has a variety of members of every age and background.  All clubs focus on different things that their members might be interested in.  For instance, Texas Ramblers shows a lot of horses, but Cherokee Chums shows more rabbits than horses. These differences are what bring us together.  Every subject is covered in some way, and if your club doesn’t do it, then you can reach out to another club for some assistance.  Of course, 4-H is about more than just projects! There are many year-round activities that member can participate in! There are trips, camps, Hands-On Days, and a variety of clinics!IMG_1195

That is one purpose for this blog.

This is where 4-H youth and leaders can share project ideas, lesson plans, project meetings, and general 4-H information for everyone to use.


If you would like something posted on this blog or on pinterest, please email the administrator at:



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