Sunrise Potatoes

Every Christmas my family goes to my Grandma’s house after opening a few presents at my house.  We do presents and brunch at my Grandma’s.  Every year we always have the same egg casserole for brunch.  I’ve never been a big fan of it, but we make it anyway.  Oddly enough I’m also the one who ends up making it….huh…

Well I though that it was time for a change, and this year I wanted to try something I had seen of Pinterest a while back.  They are called Sunrise Potatoes.  The original pin lead me back to Our Best Bites.  I thought they looked tasty.

I made them for Christmas morning. They were a hit! Everybody said they were really good! And they were really simple to make! The best part was, the potato that i scooped out was used later that day for the Mashed Potatoes at dinner.  No waste!

You know they look tasty….go to the original sight and give them a try.



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