Upcycling Glass Bottles

Every wondered what you could do with those old Snapple bottles?

Well here is one idea. You could use them as plant pots.

Be sure to drill a hole in the bottom for drainage.

This is an Aloe water bottle I used for one of my Aloe plants.

IMG_1566 IMG_1569


You could take it even further and take off the wrapper and decorate the bottle with anything you want before you plant it!


Youth Engagement

In my work organizing activities for youth, I’ve hit some very big barriers.  Some of these are harder than others to over come.

This article is a great tool for some of these barriers.

Give it a read here!


Scholarship Opportunity

I’ve always held the belief that Leadership is one of the best skills to learn.  Some people are born leaders and some people are born followers.  I myself was a born follower, but through my 4-H experiences I learned how to be a leader.  And I think I’m a pretty good one, if I do say so myself.

I wish I was still applying for scholarships because this is a great one that 4-H youth should have in the bag.

Who can apply, you ask?

Graduating seniors from a Marathon County high school.

More info available here ==> Scholarship Application


Hope you someone from 4-H gets it!

Peppermint Cookie Fudge

I haven’t posted much food on here.  So I think now is a good time to start doing that.

Now, 4-H is all about health…it is one of the Hs after all.  Every once in awhile it likes to branch out into something unhealthy and tasty.

This was sent to me in an email by one of my friends…and all it said to go along with it was  “please.”

How could I say no to that!

I haven’t made this myself yet, but the ingredients look tasty, so what can go wrong?

Here is a link for the Peppermint-Cookie-Fudge!

Peppermint Cookie Fudge


Let me know how yours turns out!

A Warm Thank-You

In the mail, I received a very warm thank you note from the Neighbor’s Place of Wausau.  This was because I had collected four gifts to donate to them for the Holidays.

I hope next year clubs will do something like this!

I’m also hoping to partner with them next year to get a bigger donation.

Thank you so much for your help!

A Variation of an Infinity Scarf

This pattern is based off a pattern I found for some fingerless gloves I made once.  It was a crocheted cable knit that I really liked.  So I combined two patterns I found.  One was for an infinity scarf, and one was for the cable knit.  I found it to be really easy and it only took me a couple hours to finish.  This is great for wearing in a cold office or classroom during the winter.

Here is the pattern for Faux Cable Knit Crocheted Loop Scarf.


Feel free to submit pictures of your scarf!

Miniature Horse Information

As I was browsing Twitter, I stumbled across this great article that Missoula County 4-H posted. And to save you the trouble of looking up with Missoula County is, its in Montana.  This is a really informative article, that I think would be helpful for 4-Hers just getting started, or who have been in the miniature horse project for awhile.  So a great big thank you goes out to Missoula County 4-H for posting it. Thank you!

You can read the article here!

Aren’t they just so cute!


Newspaper Baskets

This post also comes to us from our wonderful 4-H Leader, Jacky, and her daughter, Anna.  (Thanks!)

These Newspaper baskets are a great way to reuse some of that old newspaper most of us have laying around the house.  It saves money in recycling costs, and it saves money in buying storage containers.  You can alter the pattern to fit your needs and tastes.  As you can see, one of them was made with something other than newspaper, make this project your own!

The pattern is from a separate website, but Jacky has made a few notes on here to make things easier. The pattern for Newspaper Baskets is here.


I hope to see a lot of these at the Fair!




Needle Felted Snowmen

This submission comes to us from one of our 4-H leaders.

Thank you, Jacky!

This is something we did for Hands-On Day recently and the kids really seemed to enjoy it.  I think the final product came out looking quite cute and makes a great gift or holiday decoration.  This would be a great community service project to brighten up the rooms of residents in an assisted living home, or even a great fair project in either cultural arts or home environment.

The directions for Felted Snowmen are here.

This Needle Felted Snowman is a great project.  I hope you enjoy it and and fun!Image

Gluten-Free Cooking

Gluten-Free cooking and baking has become pretty popular.  Mostly for health reasons.  There seems to have been an upswing in gluten allergies and gluten-intolerance. That is no reason for 4-H not to adapt.  I think 4-Hers should start looking at alternative diets.  Not diets to help you lose weight, but diets to improve health.

After all….that is what one of the Hs stands for.

Marathon County 4-H is looking for some suggestions as to what some good, healthy, tasty gluten-free recipes might be.

There is a lot of negative stigma around Gluten-free, and we want to show that its really not bad at all.

Submit your recipes to marathoncounty4hwi@gmail.com

Thanks!Gluten Free Foods