Don’t Buy New Mittens!

Why buy new mittens or gloves when they get holes? Holes can be caused by many things, sometimes they get old, sometimes they rip, sometimes you wear them while you are curling and the thumbs wear out because you wore them while you were sweeping.  That’s exactly what happened to these mittens.

As someone who is always looking for ways to save money, I came up with this idea for patches.  To be honest, I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest; I’ve just adapted it to fit my needs.


For these patches, all you need is some scrap fabric, thread, and a needle.

Cut out any shape you want for the patch, I chose a heart because it would cover the holes better than a snowflake.  For this project I also used fleece.

Pin the fabric on to cover the hole, then using a blanket stitch, sew it

blanket stitch

on to the mitten.


This could be done with mittens, scarves, hats, sweaters, jeans, or just about anything else that needs to be patched!






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